Handcrafted Rustic Wire Basket

Handcrafted Rustic Wire Basket

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You can never have too many baskets, especially in the spring. Whether you’re harvesting early crops, hunting for Easter eggs or packing a gift, these affordable rustic wire baskets come in handy. With a little effort and a budget-friendly trip to your local home-improvement store, it’s easy to handcraft a wire basket.

To make this basket, you’ll need:

  • a rebar chair (Find them near the concrete supplies for about $0.50)
  • chicken wire or wire garden mesh
  • wire cutters
  • scrap wood (for the base)
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • felt or cardboard
  • yarn or tape (optional)

Step 1

Cut a rectangular piece of chicken wire or garden mesh with a width equal to the circumference of the rebar chair and your desired depth. I used a large chicken wire because I have a ton on hand, but a smaller hex or square wire garden mesh would be easier to work with and create a basket that could hold much smaller items.

Step 2

Roll the wire into a tube, and twist the tines along the edges together to hold the tube’s shape.

Step 3

Shape the wire to match the rebar chair, and wrap the wires around the base of the chair. It helps to use pliers and gloves, for this as the cut wire ends can be somewhat sharp.

Step 4

Insert the scrap-wood base into the other unfinished end of the wire tube.Fold the wires under the bottom of the wood, and staple them into place. To cover up the sharp pieces of wire on the bottom of the basket and give your basket a finished look, glue a piece of felt or cardboard up against the wood, with the wire ends and staples sandwiched between.

Step 5

The basket could be complete here, but if the ends of the wires wrapped around the base of the rebar chair are still poking out, you can wrap yarn or tape around the edges, being sure to cover up each piece of protruding wire. This is also a great way to add a little extra color and texture to the project.

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About Emily Lawrence Mendoza

Emily Lawrence Mendoza is a graphic designer and crafty mom who recently started her own blog SweetMommyMom.com. She loves sewing and crafting without breaking the bank and using items that can be easily sourced.

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