4 Signs A Tiny House Might Be Right For You

4 Signs A Tiny House Might Be Right For You

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Tumblewood Tiny House Company

Who lives in tiny homes? If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of living in a tiny home yourself, you might wonder if it’s really for you—or, if you could be the “tiny type.” According to the nationwide Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, every age demographic attends workshops the company offers. The reasons for going tiny, however, shifts with the stage of life.

Here are four signs a tiny home might be right for you:

1. You’re A Millennial

With the high cost of student loans and a higher-than-average unemployment rate, tiny homes are an attractive option for young people who want to climb out of debt. Because they’re often young and single, newly married or just starting a family, the tiny home fits their small family unit. Plus, tech-savvy millennials who work remotely have the freedom to outfit their tiny home on wheels.

2. You Want More Space

Tumblewood Tiny House Company

For some tiny home owners, their tiny home is not their permanent residence. This group of tiny home owners use their tiny home as a vacation home, a detached office or a guest house. Former empty nesters may also use their tiny homes to accommodate their returning grown children or aging relatives.

3. You’re Retired

Tumblewood Tiny House Company

As many baby boomers retire, many choose to downsize for financial reasons either because they’re on fixed incomes or simply want more expendable income to enjoy travel or other interests. Rather than renting an apartment or buying a condo, the tiny home option is increasingly becoming a viable choice.

4. You’re An Idealist

Tumblewood Tiny House Company

Beyond practical, financial reasons, many are drawn to tiny homes because of what they represent: the drive to live a simpler life—a freedom from excess material possessions.

Eco-conscious individuals appreciate using repurposed materials, composting toilets and less energy. And there is the added allure of creating a tiny home—architects, builders, artists and environmentalists find they can realize their big dreams and visions on a small scale.

So, no matter your age or background, tiny homes seem to have widespread appeal. Sarah Murphy, the Tennessee state chapter leader of the American Tiny House Association, says “Tiny houses aren’t for everyone, but I do believe they are for everyone at some stage in their life.”

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